Choose the boy toy

By: mockturtleneck

Apr 20 2010

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…when getting a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  They’re always way cooler than the girl toys.  As a former employee, I know this to be a fact.  The boy toys usually require assembly and have movable parts, whereas the girl toys are often already-assembled dolls of some sort that aren’t good for much other than staring at (which is fine if you like to stare, except that staring is annoying so you should probably work on this.).  Sometimes they’ll have unisex toys and those are pretty neat but my advice is to opt for the boy toy when asked, just as a general rule.

Oh, and I shouldn’t leave out the toddler toys for those munchkins who are under 3 (either in age or maturity).  From time to time they’ll have a great promotional toy event and you can get a rad stuffed animal in your toddler happy meal – but you have to know to ask for it.  Knowledge, people: It’s a verb*.  Do it.

*No it isn’t.


One comment on “Choose the boy toy”

  1. I also always choose the boy toy 🙂

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